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Wassup yall!? Finally started updating this stupid thingy since sooo many of you kept complaining about it!!! Soo.. hope it suits me better now.. Anyway, quickie update on my life... 24 years old.. almost on that downhill slope to 30!! Aaagh!!.. livin' in Greenhell, oops, Greenville,SC.. got a roomie now (no, not a guy - don't go there!) blah blah blah :) Well have fun, sign the guestbook and lemme know whatcha think? *big fat kiss* PeAcE ~*~XTCbabySC~*~

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~This page is dedicated to an incredible friend of mine, Holly Lea Nelson (10/30/82 - 2/20/98). It's all for you, girl, we love and miss ya!~
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