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How the Blues Affected Race Relations in the United States

Minstrel and Medicine shows

Early appreciation for black music
White interest in black music
Integration of Musicians
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Integrated Radio
Blues & Rock
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Blues and Rock

I want to thank Clair DeLune for all of her support and guidance throughout this project. She is a genuine lover and champion of blues and she taught me how to better appreciate the music. If you are in the Columbia, SC area and would like to hear great music, stories, and facts about the blues (not to mention Clair's biting wit) tune into 90.5 on Tuesday nights 6-8 for "The Blues Moon with Clair DeLune." Her show is always a treat. Also, she sends out a blues newsletter each week via email. If you are interested in receiving it, send an email to Clair with "SUBSCRIBE-BLUESNEWS" in the subject line.

I would also like to thank Harry Miller for his help with my project. His excitement and encouragement for tackling such a sensitive and heavy topic were important for getting me started.

Finally, I'd like to thank Kip Anderson, Sammy Blue, Nappy Brown, Chicago Bob Nelson, and Freddie Vanderford for talking with me and sharing their stories and thoughts on this subject. They were all very helpful, supportive, and gracious.

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