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Character Design

Character Creation
Realms and Sources of Power
Good and Bad Stuff
Example Character

Character Creation
All character for Ancient Secrets to be run at DragonCon 2005 should Email the GM to recieve a character sheet.

Characters will begin the game with 200 pts. Character creation will be done before the beginning of the game. Characters will not know their rankings against one another unless they are in the same Court. Characters will then buy Powers, Realms/Sources of Power and Items. Please goto those sections for a detailed description. Good and Bad Stuff are settled last.

Information I will need for a completed Character:

After the characters has been completed I will detail appropriate background information and the game will begin.

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There are four Primary Stats and eight Secondary Stats. Players will buy Primary Stats at bidding and then divide those points into the Secondary Stats (a short example will be provided). The Stats are as follows:

Combat - innate ability at armed and unarmed combat

Psyche - innate ability with occult powers Warfare - innate ability to manipulate persons and situations Endurance - innate ability for physical and mental conditioning After spending points on each Primary Stat double this amount of points and divide into the Secondary Stats. You must put a minimum of 1/3 of these points into each Secondary Stat.

Abbreviated Stat Range:

Relative  Rating Stat
Shadow Poor
Amber Poor/Shadow Norm
Amber Norm/Shadow Great
Amber Skilled
Amber Reknown
Amber Master
Amber Phenomenal

Joshua puts 30 pts of his starting 200 points into Combat (Primary Stat). When he divides this into his Secondary Stats he wants to be really fast and agile so he puts 40 pts into Dexterity (the maximum allowed) and this leaves 20 points for Strength (the minimum allowed).

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Listed are the Powers available and their costs (A * indicates that the character must have access to a Source of Power to utilize these Abilities):

Pattern (25 pts) - Accepting the Pattern puts you at risk for Bonding to the Unicorn, you have access to the standard abilities.

Logrus (25 pts) - Accepting the Logrus puts you at risk for Bonding to the Serpent, you have access to the standard abilities.


Shapeshifting Sorcery Conjuration Realms/Sources of Power Beholden/Bond Servant (-25 pts)

Primal Born (25 pts)

Sorcerer/Wizard (0 pts)

Unique Abilities - These are abilities reflected by your Form or lineage (ex. Dragon, Faerie etc.) that are not covered by the other abilities listed above. These will mostly be in the 1 to 10 pt range, 10 to 20 pt abilities will need GM approval and oversight. Overall these abilities cost will be judged by similar criteria used to design Items.

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The standard Item creation rules from the ADRP book will be used. Characters may also have an Item without paying points by submitting a write-up/story detailing how the Item was acquired, what it can do (in general terms, do not use the terminology from the ADRP book), how it fits into you character background/abilities, and any other plot hooks you want to have. Characters with Items developed in this manner will likely not know all the abilities, the full background, or the Source of the Item's Power.

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Contributions Examples are listed below. Most any contribution will be appreciated, just check with me for points for unusual contributions.

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Good and Bad Stuff
    Good stuff and Bad stuff will not often have a direct affect in the game in terms of luck or attitude. Bad stuff will be reflected in having a poor background, like past enemies, bad instructors, or carrying other generally painful experiences or emotional baggage. Good stuff will have an opposite effect.

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