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Welcome to our home page. Things change here please stop in again soon to see what's new with us!

We have been breeding quality, award winning mastiffs since 1988. We guarantee our puppies in writing and screen all of our prospective homes carefully. We subscribe to the MCOA code of ethics, as well as the codes of ethics of our other dog clubs.

Member, MCOA, OEMC, NEMF, TRMC, SSMF, Columbia Kennel Club

Visit our pages from the links below to find out about

Avalon, Our Philosophy

Our Dogs and Their Accomplishments

Our Upcoming Breedings

Links to other wonderful mastiff resources including:

Other Breeders Who We Feel Represent Quality and Caring in This Breed, and

Informational Sites About the Mastiff.

Webrings to Other Mastiff Sites

Our dear friend, deedee Andersson, owner and founder of Storm Mastiffs, is the author of the newest book on our wonderful breed. Her book, "The Mastiff: Aristocratic Guardian", has met with rave reviews from breeders and mastiff owners internationally.

This book and others on THE MASTIFF can be obtained from barnes and noble booksellers. Visit our barnes and noble page, for links to books on all subjects, gifts and other items of interest. There is a direct link on that page for books on the mastiff....or, just click here to view and order their selections: MASTIFF BOOKS

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