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Welcome to our "dog" page. We are under construction and will have a new page in this area please stop in again soon to see what's new with us!

We have been breeding top quality, award winning mastiffs for almost 10 years, we guarantee our puppies in writing, and screen all of our prospective homes carefully. We subscribe to the MCOA code of ethics, as well as the codes of ethics of our other dog clubs.

Member, MCOA, OEMC, NEMF, TRMC, SSMF, Columbia Kennel Club


Ch. Niniane the Enchantress
Daisy was our beautiful foundation bitch, produced by Sir William of Deer Run X Ch. Axtell Meyer's Andromeda. Although we lost her to cancer in 1995, we have carried on the tradition of her fabulous apricot color. Daisy was OFA good, OFEL, and thyroid normal. She was nationally ranked (BOS), as was her mother, and is a Hall of Fame, Top Producer. From 15 puppies, she produced 5 American Champions, 2 Canadian Champions, 2 group placers, 1 group winner, 3 nationally ranked offspring, 2 majorpointed offspring who were not shown to their championships, and 2 pointed offspring. NOT A BAD TRACK RECORD! Among her notable offspring, is "Boots," produced from a breeding to Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon.
Ch. Avalon's Lord Cearbhallain, CD, CGC, TDI, WD
"Boots," who is also pictured at the top of this page, is typical of the Avalon Dogs. He is a massive dog, 224 lbs., stands about 32 inches at the withers, has lovely substance and bone, an exceptional head, and wonderful temperament. He was nationally ranked in both conformation and obedience and is a group placer. He was the ninth mastiff to earn the title of Working Dog. He is also OFA good, OFEL, and thyroid tested. Boots was one of several lovely dogs produced in this litter, among them, his more famous brother, Tucson. He recently beat his better known brother as a Veteran at the supported entry in Savannah, GA, over Thanksgiving weekend. He went on take the Veterans Working Group and finished the day in high style, going BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. He is truly a phenomenal dog./b>
Ch. Avalon's Tucson Warrior
Tucson, who is the best known littermate to "Boots", was nationally ranked Top Ten in conformation for 4 years, until his retirement at the end of 1996. He took the first award of merit given at the 1993 Specialty in Ft. Worth, has both American and Canadian Championships, and is a multiple group placer and Canadian group winner. He is OFA good, OFEL, and thyroid tested. He is our breeding although we do not own him, and we are proud of him. Another of his littermates "Rodeo," has been used as a pictoral example of the correct mastiff.
Ch. Avalon's Iron Hills Thunder Rd
Rodeo, a third son from the "Dave" X "Daisy" litter, is shown here at 8 months of age, a very young dog . He finished his championship in fine style, and is representative of the quality of our dogs. The highly respected all breed judge Annie Rogers Clark used a picture "Rodeo" in her book, "The New Encyclopedia of the Dog" to exemplify the mastiff breed. Just as correct and a wonderful example of the mastiff bitch, is his half-sister, Katie, who is from the breeding of Ch. Storm Hammer of Royal Oak X Ch. Niniane the Enchantress.
Ch. Avalon's Airs and Graces
Katie was a beautiful fawn bitch who was also nationally ranked (BOS). Katie was shown only 13 times as a Champion. Only once has she ever been out of the ribbons, taking 9 BOS's, 3 BOB's, and making the cut in group twice. Katie was OFA Good, OFEL, CERF, vWD, and Thyroid normal. We lost her to cancer in February of 2000. She was always my good, good girl, and we miss her so much!

These are some of our favorites. We could go on, but we won't. For more information on our breeding program or upcoming litters, drop us an e-mail.

In 1998, our lovely Boots, shown at the top of this page, clearly demonstrated that Avalon Mastiffs have "Staying Power". At 7 1/2 years young, at the supported entry at Savannah, GA., in the veterans class, he beat his brother, the reknown Ch. Avalon's Tucson Warrior. He also beat his cousin (and winner of the Senior Veteran's Sweeps at the MCOA Specialty in Pennsylvania), Ch. Swords Southern Gentleman, and Ch. Sword's Son of A Bubba. He won the group and finished the day going Veterans Best in Show!!!

If you want to contact us, just send us an e-mail or phone us at (803) 534-1573, EST, between 7:30 PM and 9:00 PM. We will be happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and discuss our dogs or the Mastiff Breed in general.

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