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Creatures and Beings

You open the leather-bound book, and are greeted by a page written in elegant script. It says:

Ah..... the creatures, humanoids, and supernatural beings in the land of Asylicus....ranging from demonic creatures to beneficent beings, the inhabitants of the world provide great variety, interaction, and even peril. This book has been enchanted to show an illusion of the beings in the inscribed circle nearby, but the script stays on the page. The creatures have been divided into several sections into which they can be better described.


Animals are probably the largest group of inhabitants on Asylicus. It includes humankind and all its variants, as well as any creatures that are not essentially magical. Domestic animals are not described, however, being that if you here, I truly doubt that you want knowledge about the ordinary run-of-the-mill sheep.

Creatures of Magic

All the creatures here are have the key component of magic, whether they are made by it, rely on it heavily, etc. These things are not likely to be found wandering around just anywhere, but are more likely to be found in wild areas that have collected vast amounts of power. A travelling adventurer is advised caution when dealing with creatures from this class.

The Undead and Demons

From being absolutely disgusting to absolutely terrifying or both, these nightmarish beings are a nuisance to even the most advanced of heroes. Demons are just as varied as the amount of insects in Asylicus. They come in all shapes and sizes and have just as many ways to kill travellers. However, all demons have intellect, and with that intellect comes the ability to do good as well as unspeakable evil, so take heart in the fact that not all are out to kill you.

Interesting Characters

In this category, the characters of Asylican tales are told of here. Whether they are evil or good, dead or alive, their actions or significance have earned them a place in history. Be aware that fame or infamity comes in all forms, so do not be surprised by characteristics or odd habits of some.

  • Katila, Queen of the Weavers

    Legends and Such

    This is a special category made for those who have amassed legendary fame or infamy, or are worshipped by many (yes, this means deities). This part is not limited to just humanoids, as many creatures have gained amounts of fame. However, a requirement of being famous is that there is only one being, group, etc.

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