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The Dragon Cove

The large opening tunnel you wandered into gradually begins to gain more light..... only that it isn't in the way you came from. Preparing yourself for anything in the now visible chamber ahead, you slow your pace a little.... only to stumble into a large, well lit cavern. It has several mounted plaques as well as some passages leading to other rooms. One of the signs read:
Welcome to the Dragon Cove, which is currently (and always will be) under construction. This page basically contains a gathering of my creations on fantasy, mostly having to deal with a notebook I manage where I go to school. Here, you will hopefully sometime in the future find a collection of monsters, characters, spells, equipment, and maybe even artwork sometime in the future. Oh, and make your visit known and sign the guestbook.

Somewhere down there you'll probably find a way to contact me, and feel free to, but nothing nasty, please.

~Tyric Aristides~

There is another sign here, written in shimmering red ink.... it reads:


The material here is all done by a group of friends out of their own imagination, and so you may not copy out any of the creations without the permission of the maker. You have been notified. Any person who is interested in these things, whether a fellow magical fantasy lover, or a game producer (hey, there's a chance.....), please ask.

Keeping that tucked away in your mind to remember, you start reading another plaque:

So Who Are We

The RPer's are just a group of friends who share similar interests and, coincidentally ( :) ), go to the same place of education (school). Jeff, aka Tyric, started the Fantasy Notebook based on the fact that he thought it would be interesting and also because the freshman group he hung around with was on a "notebook" kick. So he started one, and others joined of their own accord. You can read about the individuals on the Characters page, which is connected by The Emerald Door

Recent (hopefully) Changes and the Bulletin Board

The changes are now listed latest to oldest.
  • 6-20-99 A new link was added, go check it out :).
  • 6-11-99: Once again, the story's latest version is up, and a few new characters have joined our quest! Be sure to check it out in the Library!
  • 5-30-99- The character pages went through a major overhaul. Well, kinda, they just had some irrelevant sections taken off. RP'ers might want to start adding in info now.. Our good friend Bolt is also going to update the story sometime...:).
  • The Bulletin Board is used to post any reminders, notes, whatever, to the other people involved in making The Cove. Use it wisely, well, and frequently.

    Exploring the Cove

    Finished with reading, you notice that there are multiple doors and passageways, among other things, located about the room. Hmm... you wonder where they lead..

    The Gemstone Doors

    Things that relate to the story itself.

    A door carved out of a solid block of emerald glows slightly and shows an engraving of an eye.

    The Hall of Asylicus

    Things that relate to the world the story is based in.

    A tome rests on a stand and is titled Creatures and Beings Nearby is a glowing circle on the floor, creating a dim column of light. You realize that it is an Illusion Chamber, like those in universities used to demonstrate certain principles.

    Another section of the room seems devoted to armor and weaponry. Items with labels are neatly organized in worn "cabinets" in the rock. However, there are some pieces of armor- even complete sets of them- displayed on stone tables that are illuminated by an unseen light source.

    Across the room from you, clouds and smoke swirl and the amount of Magical Energy can be sensed from here. It seems to be split into several small "rings", each one dealing with a form of Asylican magic.

    In stark contrast to the chaotic smoking and swirling, a large pool of clear bluish water sits calmly along a corner of the chamber, interrupted only by small splashes of water cascading down. Presumably, it shows locations of interest, for floating the pool is an image of a building. Suddenly, the building dissipates into fine mist, and a spiral of water reaches upward to form a different structure.

    The Second Floor

    Things that really don't have anything to do with the notebook, or fantasy, for that matter.

    Back in the main chamber, an elegantly carved staircase leads up to an opening and another passage, and beside the opening is a painting. The opening shows a young lady with a stake in her hand. The painting lies beside another passage opening and simply states To Storm19454's Senshi Page

    The Library

    Come on in and read our small but growing collection of writings.

    Portals to other realms..

    Another structure in the room seems to be composed of whirling sparks above a pattern in the floor...

    Angelfire offers free easy web pages like this one or better.

    An excellent collection of drawings and paintings that are worth a good look.

    Home to thousands of free clips, most having to deal with fantasy and a little sci-fi.

    The Everybody's Notebook Online Site, which I am a member of.

    A page that one of my friends made having to deal with Sailor Moon, in case you missed the "physical" passage above the staircase.

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