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The Mage can create areas of latent Power in any desired location. The Ward is designated by a special substance or mark. The mage decides what specific Powers the Ward possesses and what the triggering stimulus will be. When that stimulus occurs, the Ward releases all its power is a single turn, generally in the direction of whatever created the stimulus.

The Power's rank determines how great a variety of Wards the Mage can create. The rank number is also the number of Powers he can incorporate into his Wards, even if the Mage cannot directly use those Powers himself. Each Wards's intensity rank is the same as the Mage's own rank. For example, a Mage with Ex(20) Warding can create 20 different Wards, each possessing Ex(20) Intensity rank.

A Rm Intensity FEAT enables the Mage to create a single-use Ward. An Am Intensity FEAT enables him to create a self-renewing Ward. The Power rank number is also the maximum number of Wards a Mage can have in existence at any 1 time. If the Mage tries to surpass this number, his oldest still-existing Ward harmlessly vanishes. The minimum distance between Wards is 1' for each point of the Wards' combined Intensity rank numbers. For example, a Fb and a Mn Ward must be separated by at least 77'.If the Mage attempts to place a new ward within range of an existing one, the new one will not function. If the new Ward's area of effect would overlap with another Ward, the new Ward cannot have the full Intensity rank. The new Ward will have a maximum rank that will only touch the edge of the earlier Ward's range. For example, a Gd(10) Ward coyers an area of 10' radius.If the Mage tries to create a Rm(30) Ward within 20' of the Gd(10) Ward, he discovers he can only create a Gd(10) ward at best. If he backs off another 20', though, he can create the Intensity he desires.

The triggering mechanism can be any condition stated by the Mage at the time of creation. Normally Wards are triggered by the close passage of a living being. Thus they are often found near doorways or in passages.

Once created, Wards last until they are depleted or destroyed. Given the durability of modern building materials, a Ward can last for about a century or so.

(Quick, name five 100-year-old buildings in your area!) Wards can be destroyed by demolishing the surface on which they are placed or by the use of Magic Control - Negation. Wards can be detected by a number of ways. The simplest is the brute force method of triggering them (also called the really stupid method). The presence of a Ward can be revealed by either Energy, Magic, Power, or Psionic Detection.

Shortly after the Mage has been created, the Player should make up a list of at half of the possible Wards he can create. The Player should return to his list of powers and incorporate them into Wards. Wards that employ a special variation on normal Power use, such as a Power Stunt, should be treated as individual Wards.

Example: Consider 2 different Wards that each employ a Force Field. 1 creates a trap that envelops anyone within the target area. The other 1 creates an invisible column of force that shoves anyone back with rank level Strength. Each of these is considered a separate Ward and requires a unique designation.

Nemesis Powers include Energy, Magic, Psionic, and Power Detections and Resistance to Magic.

Range: See Above.