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Wand of Watoomb

Wand of WatoombThis is a 1' long, crystalline wand with the heads of daemons at either end. When Watoomb retired from mystical affairs he decided that a deserving young adept should have it. Doctor Strange and Cyrus Black fought for the right to own it. Though Doctor Strange defeated Cyrus Black, he only received half of the wand. The other half was later stolen by Xandu, who then proceeded to abscond with Doctor Strange's half and reunite them. Unfortunately for Xandu, it takes quite some time to learn how to fully use the wand. Since the time that he stole the other half and reunited them, he has used, lost, and regained the wand several times, Doctor Strange even drained it once, though it was later recharged. While Doctor Strange once told Spider-Man that the wand was destroyed forever, this might have been for the sake of the webslinger's peace of mind for we also know that the good Doctor has stated that "Hoggoth's pale hands clutch the Wand of Watoomb". Quite possibly Hoggoth recognized the danger in having this item loose amongst mortals and decided to take it unto his own keeping. On the other hand, Hoggoth may have the actual wand that was used by Watoomb while the one used by Xandu is a lesser imitation.

Xandu calls this item "the most powerful weapon in all necromantic lore". While this is an exaggeration it is not an excessive one. The following powers lie within the Wand itself and are available to any magic wielder using it.
  1. When the user is the target of a mystical attack, and can move the wand to block the attack (Agility FEAT roll for this), it absorbs all the mystical power used in the attack and allows the user to utilize the power in 1 of 3 fashions. Power utilization can be either:
    1. restore any damage he has sustained (at a rate of 5 points of power absorbed for every 1 point of Health returned)
    2. fire an Eldritch Beam with a power rank equal to that of the absorbed attack
    3. create 1 of the protection spells ( Shield-Aura, etc) with a power rank equal to that of the absorbed attack.
    Any of these 3 things, because they utilize freshly acquired energy, can be performed in addition to a normal action during the next round, including magic use.
    1. The wand can act as the Dimensional Aperture spell and open a nexus to another dimension desired by the user
    2. The wand will automatically allow the user to powerfully scry, that is, to see any person, place, or thing he desires to see in any dimension with which he is familiar.
    3. He may also fire Eldritch spells through the wand at the person, place, or thing he is viewing, but with a 3CS to his Agility roll.