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The caster can link his mind with other, willing magic wielders, thus giving him additional power. Up to 4 magic wielders can be linked in this manner. For every magic wielder linked to his mind, the caster gains a +1CS to the spell rank of any spell he casts, up to a maximum of ShiftX rank.

Note: this spell cannot increase the rank or effects of Link spells.

If the spell involves a range factor, the range is increased to that of the shifted spell rank. If the spell inflicts damage, the area of effect and the spell rank is shifted, for purposes of FEAT rolls, but damage is increased by 10 points (not 1 rank) for each additional mind linked. (For example, if 3 magic wielders are linked to a caster with an In(40) rank in Eldritch Crystals, he would receive a + 3CS for the area of effect and chance of a successful spell rank FEAT roll, but any damage caused would be 70 points, not 100.

Only the caster who initiates the Link spell can perform any actions. All other magic wielders who are linked must remain in place and concentrate. If the caster they are linked to sustains damage, they absorb one-tenth(1/10 X damage) of that damage too, rounded down. The link also increases the caster's Psyche for resistance to mental attack. For every additional mind linked, apply a +1CS to the caster's Psyche when defending against mental attack.

The link is automatically broken if the caster is rendered unconscious or if he loses control of his own mind (due to Confusion spells, Fear spells, Mental Control spells, etc.)