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This spell is used to teleport an item, plant, creature or character from its current location to the caster's location. This spell can even restore a broken or decayed item to its original form while in the act of teleporting.

If conjuring a trivial item, plant, or harmless animal, the caster need make no FEAT roll, it simply appears.

If conjuring a complex or dangerous item, plant, or dangerous creature, or attempting to conjure a broken or decayed item, the caster must make a successful spell rank FEAT roll before it appears.

If conjuring forth a willing character (teammate, friend, etc.) the caster must make both a successful spell rank FEAT roll and a successful Psyche FEAT roll before the character appears.

If conjuring forth an unwilling character, the caster must make a successful spell rank FEAT roll. The subject is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to resist being brought forth; if the resistance FEAT is successful, the conjuration fails.

The conjuration of the body of a dead character is far beyond the abilities of any caster who does not have an Un(100) spell rank in this spell. The conjure spell only summons or recreates the physical body; however, if the dead character's astral form survives (see the Astral Projection spell), it can reanimate the body, restoring it to true life.