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Target Column Shifts

The 3rd factor affecting a spell's effectiveness is the target itself. The table below lists the column shifts that apply to spellcasting because of certain properties of the target. All column shifts start at the current spell rank of the spell being used and shift either to the right(+) or left(-).

Shift the spell rank column for every column shift modifier that applies.
Casting Shifts
Column ShiftCondition That Applies
-2CSIf the target is an item or being more than 30' tall (3 stories) or at least 2 areas wide.
-1CSIf the target is a creature or being from another dimension.
-1CSTo a target's Psyche FEAT roll (to save himself from an attack, control, etc.) if the attacker has a stronger Psyche.
-1CSTo the spell rank of a caster's allowed personal or universal spell if the caster fails in an attempt to cast 2 spells this round (see Number of Spells Allowed Per Round in the MAGIC USE AND COMBAT section.
-1CSIf the caster is engaged in astral combat (see Astral Combat in the MAGIC USE AND COMBAT section.
VariableIf a caster is attempting to break or alter an existing spell cast by another magic wielder, apply column shifts based upon which sorcerer has the higher spell rank involved. If the magic wielder who created the spell has the higher rank, apply a -1CS for each rank the creator has above the breaker's spell rank. If the breaker's spell rank is higher, apply a +1CS for each rank the breaker has above the creator's spell rank.
+1CSTo a target's Psyche FEAT roll (to save himself from an attack, control, etc.) if the defender has a stronger Psyche.
+1CSTo any spell used against a target that is considered "vulnerable" to the caster's particular school of magic (order vs. chaotic magic, etc.)
+1CSTo any spell used in an area that is considered beneficial to the caster's school of magic.
+2CSIf the spell is cast during a ceremony.*
+2CSIf the spell being used was learned, during the game campaign, from an ancient book.
+3CSIf the target is willing to be affected by the spell. This shift applies only if the target is truly willing. This shift does not apply if an otherwise unwilling target is under some form of mental control.

** = A ceremony or rite is a pre-planned spell, complete with candles, spices, and all the other necessary magical implements. If a ceremony or rite is required for use of a spell, it will be noted as such in that spell's definition.