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D'SpayreReal Name: D'Spayre.
Physical Form: Daemon
Origin of Power: Creation
Fighting: Rm(30) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: In(40)
Endurance: Rm(30) Reason: Gd(10)
Intuition: Ex(20) Psyche: Am(50)
Health: 120 Karma: 80 Resources: N/A
Popularity: 0
Age: N/A Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
Talents: Mystic Origin, Occult Lore.
Contacts: Unknown.
Powers: D'Spayre is not a standard magic wielder. He is a daemon, and an empathic vampire, who draws his sustenance from the fear and despondency of humans. D'Spayre may have mystical abilities other than those listed below, but they have yet to be catalogued. D'Spayre does not follow a particular school of magic and has no level of Magical Mastery. Because of the nature of his rather undefinable magical abilities, they are not listed as Personal, Universal, or Dimensional.

The following are powers always available to him:
Fear: Mn(75). D'Spayre must touch the victim (Fighting FEAT) to use this ability.
Illusion: Un(100). D'Spayre can mystically instill fear by touch, but seems to prefer acting indirectly. He causes his victims to generate their own fears by filling their minds with illusions. D'Spayre also uses illusions to masquerade as a person trusted by his victim.
Mental Probe: Am(50). To better generate more frightening illusions, D'Spayre probes the minds of his victims, looking for phobias and emotional vulnerabilities.
Psionic Vampirism: Un(100). If D'Spayre successfully induces fear in another being, he can absorb the victim's Psyche, converting it to Health by making a successful power FEAT roll. The victim's Psyche is -1CS and the difference between the 2 rank numbers is added to D'Spayre's health. The victim can avoid Psyche absorbtion by making a Red Psyche FEAT roll.
Weakness: See Daemons.
The origin of D'Spayre's being is unknown. It is possible that he serves the Dweller in the Darkness, but he appears to work independently. He has been seen attempting to increase his abilities in the Florida interdimensional nexus, so it is possible that he has some Dimensional powers. He has tangled with Spider-Man, Man-Thing, Cyclops, and Doctor Strange.