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This is a peculiar form of flying. The hero can walk along an invisible path that he creates in the air. The path only serves the hero and only exists as long as he concentrates on maintaining its existence. The path is intangible to others unless the hero can extend its benefits to them by such means as a Power Stunt, Power Transferral, or Telekinesis. The Skywalker can develop a Power Stunt that maintains the path even while he is unconscious. Another Power Stunt increases the path's tangibility to a circular area 10' around the hero; this enables others to travel alongside him.

Note: The walkway only offers protection against falling.

The path slides forward at its own speed. This enables the hero to travel at up to Power rank speed. When the hero rests, speed is reduced to 0. The path can be formed at any height but cannot climb on its own. Height is changed by the path forming a ramp that the hero climbs or descends.

Note: the average incline is 30 degrees; sharper angles are harder to climb.

The Power offers Power rank resistance to high winds and sudden fluctuations in gravity, whether natural or Power-based.

The Optional Power is Telekinesis.

The Nemesis is Gravity Manipulation.

Range: See Above.