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Secret IDs

When determining initial Popularity, the player must decide whether or not his character has a Secret ID. Secret IDs are not a requisite of the super hero trade, and groups like the Fantastic Four have long survived without them. A Secret ID means that no one really knows who is behind that mask, and as such the hero can have a normal civilian life.

A character with a secret ID has 2 Popularity entries. 1 applies to his costumed identity, the other to his everyday "secret" ID. Both start at the same set level, but the actions of the hero in his uniform result in popularity gains on his "hero" side, and actions when not in costume on his "secret" side. In other words, a hero may be regarded as a nebbish in the real world, but in reality is a respected hero. Conversely, the hero may be hunted by the populace for a crime he did not commit, while his secret ID allows him to go to the grocery store without being attacked.

A character's Karma is not split between the secret and hero identities, nor are Health, inborn or natural Powers, or Talents. A character with a secret ID may split his Contacts between his secret ID and his heroic identity. They should be noted as such (for example, Peter Parker has several Contacts in the Daily Bugle, but Spider-Mancould not get advice, much less the time of day, from Jolly Jonah Jameson).
Heroes may start with negative Popularity. Using this negative Popularity may result in loss of Karma. A Secret ID may never start with negative Popularity.

Example: A Random Mutant starts with Popularity at 0, with a secret lD reducing that to -5. The mutant's Popularity reads as follows:
Popularity: -5(hero)/0(secret)