Saiyan Scouter

ScouterAppearance: Looks like a modified heads-up-display coupled with an earpiece.
Power Detection: Am(50). Powers such as Force Field vs. Power Manipulation, Iron Will, Resistance to Power Manipulation, Reflection, Magnetic Manipulation, Ionization, Phasing, and Invisibility - Physics can keep the scouter from detecting someone.
Life Detection: Am(50). The scouter's micro-database has records of all sentient races in the Shi'ar, Skrull, and Kree sectors of the universe.
Energy Detection: Am(50). The scouter can be calibrated to detect emanations of energy.
Linguistics: Am(50). Can translate spoken languages at power rank ability.
Interstellar Communication: CL1000. Built-in quantum modulators allow the scouter to transmit and recieve data, sound, and video to any Shi'ar cruiser in range or another scouter.
Material Strength: Rm(30) Tech Rank: CL1000
Availability: Only given to Shi'ar shocktroops or elite guardsmen. Capsule Corp. has duplicated the technology to create the scouter.