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Spell Selection Methods

The selection of the appropriate spells can be done in 1 of 3 methods:
  1. randomization
  2. selection
  3. a combination of both
The Judge decides what method to use in his campaign but the same method should be used for all player characters and NPCs.

The player decides how many of his starting spells he will take from each of the lists available to him; however, he must choose at least 1 from each listing, if possible. (For example, if a player has rolled a character with 4 spells and has rolled that the energies available are personal and universal only, he must choose at least 1 personal energy spell and at least 1 universal energy spell. The type of the other 2 spells are up to him, as long as they are either personal or universal.

If a character has more energy types available than spells available at the start (for example, 2 spells at the start, but all 3 energy types available, he must choose 1 personal and 1 universal energy spell and wait to obtain dimensional spells.

Randomization: The player rolls the dice and takes the spell that matches the roll on the appropriate spell list. While this is 1 of the fastest methods of character generation and can create an interesting character, the spells sometimes do not work well together, leaving the character in a bind. This problem can be solved by taking the randomized character and turning him into a combination character.

Selection: The player chooses the spells he wants the character to have. This can be a slow process, particularly if the player is not familiar with the game. The Judge should be prepared to offer suggestions. The Judge has the final say on the spells the player chooses; the Judge can disallow any spell he does not want used.

Combination: These characters start out with randomized spells, but are then modified by the player and Judge agreeing on certain changes. These modifications usually involve substituting 1 spell for another or adjusting the spell rank to make it more appropriate for the character.