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Robot Usuform

Robot - UsuformThis is a robot that believes in the adage, "Form follows function." This robot's body is anything but humanshaped and is designed to best serve specific needs. For the game's purposes, needs refers to Powers the usuform possesses.

Example: An usuform hero possesses Bio-physical Control, Cold Emission, and Levitation. His design might look like a metal egg supported and propelled by an induction field. The egg has two arms, a variety of sensors, a speaker grill, an underslung ray-projector (the Cold Power), and carries on its back an expandable life-support chamber (the Healing Power).

Sentient usuforms are often mistaken for mindless industrial robots; people usually look for a human controller hiding nearby.
Popularity: Popularity is unaffected because people simply do not give the usuform any thought other than "Oh, what a wild prop!"
These Robots roll their Abilities on Column 4 of the Random Ranks Table.