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Robot - Human Shape

Robot - Human ShapeThis is a completely mechanical being that is patterned after the human body. The degree of similarity varies; specimens can include metallic skinned caricatures (Sentinels), metallic simulations (Jocasta), and pseudo-fleshed imitations (Delphine Courtney). Most are High Tech but rare specimens are Magical in nature, clockwork men given life by eccentric mages.
Popularity: Initial Popularity is 0.
Height: Most Humanshapes are the size of Normal Humans.
Weight: The average specimen weighs 500 to 2,000 LBS.
Body Armor: Their Material Strength acts as Body Armor.
Self-Healing:  Player character robots possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing.

Note: There is Karma loss if a hero purposely destroys a sentient robot. Robots are people too. Non-sentient robots are cannon fodder.

These robots roll their Abilities on Column 4 of the Random Ranks Table.