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Realm of the Beasts

Ruled By: Currently unrevealed (was Somon, most ancient and powerful of the beasts)

This is an extradimensional world, not unlike Earth, but in a universe "outside of man's experience". A million years ago Great Beasts rose up. They pillaged and corrupted the world, then set forth in search of new lands to pollute. 3 times they attacked the Earth, in the dimension closest to them, and 3 times they were driven back by the Northern Gods of the Marvel Universe. The last time the Beasts were sealed behind a barrier designed to keep them forever in their own realm, but because of the magic required to seal them up, the gods were also imprisoned.

The Realm of the Beasts is entered from Earth with the use of the Great Key, a powerful magic item, in a crater in the North called the Eye of the World. The barrier sealing the Beasts is weakened for a moment and a master with the Dimensional Aperture power may pass through. Many lifeless dimensions must be traversed first, before the colorless Realm of the Beasts is entered.

This realm may have been permanently destroyed recently by Alpha Flight who traveled to the Realm of the Beasts to regain the lost personality of Walter Langkowski, once Sasquatch.