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Radiowave Control

The hero can control existing radiowaves, whether AM., FM, or microwaves. The hero can increase or decrease the radiowaves' Intensity by his Power rank number. A Gd intensity FEAT permits the hero to alter the frequency and direction of such waves and garble transmissions. The hero has Power rank Resistance to radio-based attacks; such attacks are normally limited to an opponent thinking he's a microwave oven about to cook the hero's goose. The Power really comes into its own when used as a form of electronic-age Illusion Casting. That is, the hero creates complex signals that simulate an actual broadcast. Voice-only broadcasts can be simulated by a Ty Intensity FEAT. Musical or multi-voice broadcasts require an Ex Intensity FEAT, as does a still picture. A single figure with a blank background or a simple cartoon-like broadcast requires an In Intensity FEAT. A single figure with a complex background (think of an evening news broadcast) requires a Mn Intensity FEAT. Any other broadcast can be simulated on a SX Intensity FEAT (think Academy Awards production numbers, and you'll see why so high).

Obviously, this is a Power that is only really useful in high-tech campaigns. Oh, it could exist in a primitive situation, but then who would know?

This has a Bonus Power of Radiowave Generation.

Optional Powers include Energy Doppelganger, Energy Sheath, and Carrier Wave.

Range: Column B