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Body Armor

The key to withstanding attacks, a character's Body Armor reduces potential damage by the Power rank number of the armor. If a character has Mn(75) Body Armor, then any and all attacks reduce the damage by 75. Damage reduced below 0 is counted as no damage, and the target cannot be affected by a Stun, Slam, or Kill result from that attack. For example, if a dagger (10 points damage) is thrown at a hero with Am(50) Body Armor, there is no effect from the attack even it the attacker rolled a Kill result. Body Armor protects the character from each and every physical attack. If 5 goons inflict 10 points damage on the hero with Ex(20) Body Armor, then none of those attacks succeed.

The above applies to all attack forms except Energy Powers. The rank number of Body Armor is reduced by 20 points when dealing with this attack form. This means a Body Armor of Ex(25) is reduced to Ty(5), a Body Armor of Mn(87) becomes Mn(67), and a Body Armor of Gd(10) provides no protection at all against energy damage attacks.