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The hero has the ability to "see" the past. The Power requires the hero to have physical contact with the target whose history is being examined. The hero can mentally examine a person, item, or site and mentally re-live a specific moment of history from the target's point-of-view. As such, it only reveals factors that somehow affected the target.

It is important that the Judge secretly roll the dice whenever the hero uses the Power. This prevents the player from knowing the accuracy of his vision.

The hero can delve into the past the number of weeks equal to the Power rank number. For example, a Pr(4) rank can see events of 4 weeks ago, an Am(50) rank can look back almost 1 year, and a CL5000 rank can look back a century.

The clarity of the vision is determined by what FEAT color is attained. A white roll lets the Judge say anything that comes to his head; accuracy and truthfulness are optional. ("This doll was once a living child.") A green FEAT gives vague impressions; the Judge should be honest about the real past but give only partial details. ("A little girl held this doll. She had black hair.") A yellow FEAT gives general information; the Judge should give any information he can, though within the limits of what the target would know. ("The girl's name is Helen. She is feeling very angry. She is mad at her friend Davey.") A red FEAT reveals information that might not be otherwise available, including details that the subject might not have known at the time. ("Helen is mad because Davey broke her doll. Helen is going to get even with Davey. Helen is a mutant.")

Postcognition can be used to gain information on what an item is and who may have handled it. It cannot provide a detailed analysis of the item's internal structure or as-yet-unrealized potential. For example, examining a nuclear bomb would reveal how it was manufactured and handled but the Power wouldn't even hint at the bomb's explosive potential.

The hero gains +1CS when using Postcognition on friends, possessions, and his dwelling place. He gains +2CS when using the Power on himself. This can be used to probe times of which the hero has no memory, such as sleep or amnesia. ("What was the Black Widow doing in my apartment while I was asleep?")

Optional Powers include modified forms of Telepathy and Time Travel. Telepathy can be used to read the minds of anyone within the scope of the Postcognitive vision. Time Travel can be used to draw the hero to that point in the past.

Note: This often results in the creation of a divergent timeline.

Range: See Above.