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Plasma Generation

Plasma refers to here to a field of highly-charged particles. Common examples include the aurora borealis, the glow in a fluorescent tube, the Van Allen Belt, and the heart of a nuclear blast. Plasmas may be of any nature: fiery, magnetic, electrical, radioactive, or be of a previously unknown form of energy. This last group includes many super-powers, living energy fields, and beings who can transform themselves into pure energy.

The hero can project Plasma fields at Power rank range. Due to the unique nature of this Power, it does damage on two levels. The primary level is brute force; the field does Power rank damage There are also side-effects based on the nature of each Plasma bolt. Plasma fields have 2 of the following side effects:The hero initially possesses a single type of Plasma with 2 set side-effects that occur each time he uses his Power. Later he can develop other Plasmas with different side-effects as Power Stunts.

Plasma is a Nemesis to the Powers of Energy Sheath and Energy Body. The hero gains +1CS when attacking either Power. Plasma's own Nemeses are Plasma Control and Power Control.

Range: Column A