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Physical Gestalt

This is a variation of Alter Ego. 2 or more relatively normal people actually merge their bodies to form a single, powerful being—the hero. When a player rolls this Power, he has to create 3 different characters.

The Gestalt hero may physically resemble a blending of features from each of the merged characters, or have a completely different appearance. In any case, the Gestalt hero will have a normal appearance. No 2-headed, split-torsoed freak results, unless this Power is distorted in some way.

Interference by such Powers as Magic or Power Control may result in the Gestalt hero forming as a freak. The hero can still revert to his normal selves, though, no matter how weird he gets (the Judge may want to require an Un FEAT, though, at his discretion). Both or all normal selves are required to form the Gestalt. If 1 is unavailable, the Power cannot function.

Damage to a normal self is carried over to the Gestalt self; for example, if 1 person has a whomping head cold, so will the Gestalt. However, the Gestalt hero's superior recuperative faculties can quickly repair any such illness.

The normal and Gestalt selves never co-exist except under extraordinary circumstances (see Alter Ego). The Gestalt mind may be a schizoid combination of each of the normal minds, or be a completely independent mind. In the latter case, the Gestalt may have full, partial, or no knowledge of his component selves. Likewise, the normal selves may not have any idea of what their Gestalt self is up to. Variables include whether the merger is voluntary or automatic, the duration, and the maximum difference between normal selves when attempting to merge.

Normal distance is contact, but at high levels merges can occur across some distance; in these cases, the normals teleport to a common location (or perhaps 1 teleports to the other's location). Duration is determined by the Psyche of the Gestalt. Time varies from one minute to indefinite, with an average time of 1048 hours.

Range: See Above.