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Contact Category

Roll on the table below to find out which category your character's Contact comes from. After you roll, click on the appropriate Contact category.
Note: Some Humanoid Races have pregenerated Contacts. These must be purchased first. The remaining talent points can be used to get a randomly generated talent. If the same talent is rolled and you want to keep it, just add a +1CS to the talent's bonuses and/or benefits.
Each hero gets a number of initial Contacts as rolled on the Powers, Talents, and Contacts Table. Certain individuals get specific Contacts at start. Technology-based heroes must use 1 Contact slot for their "support." Aliens can have only 1 initial Contact, no matter what Talents are chosen. Heroes who have more initial Contacts (as the result of Talents) than slots must discard the excess.

A hero may have fewer chosen Contacts than slots---the others may appear as need be. For each Contact. the hero must provide a name (Example, early in his career, Prof. X had a Contact in the FBI, Fred Duncan). The hero's Contact is considered Friendly to the hero for NPC reactions, and may provide equipment and material according to that Contact's rank, Contacts are defined in full in the Database of Contacts, but the players may choose from the following general types.

A character with a secret ID may assign his Contacts either to his secret ID (noted by an S), his heroic identity (noted by an H), or both (no notation). The advantage of having the secret lD making Contacts is that it provides less risk to the hero. If your Contact does not know you are really a hero, then you cannot be called upon to do heroic acts.