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Damage Conversion

The spell enables the caster to magically absorb kinetic energy and convert it to physical Strength and Health. Whenever the character is physically attacked (slugfest, edged attacks, missile weapons, charging, concussive rays, but not energy attacks or grappling, he may make a spell rank FEAT roll. If he fails the roll, then that damage is dealt with as normal that round. If the FEAT is successful, the appropriate amount of damage is immediately added to his Health, instead of subtracted as damage. In this fashion, the caster's Health can go as high as 200. In addition, the caster's Strength is raised to the same rank as the attack, if the attack's rank is higher.

If the caster using this spell also has some form of Body Armor, the attack is reduced by the body armor before the caster makes his absorption FEAT roll; the caster can attempt to absorb whatever points of damage remain. The caster's Strength is increased if the points remaining in the attack exceed the rank number of his current Strength rank.

If he wishes, after the caster stores up 100 points he may try another spell rank FEAT roll. A successful roll allows him to redirect this energy by using all of his newly gained Strength to inflict a blow of up to Mn(75) damage. If the roll fails, he just keeps storing up damage. This energy dissipates in 10 rounds in any event. Any damage done to him after he reaches a Health of 200 begins to subtract from that number, until he reaches 0 Health or makes his spell rank roll again to add to his energy converted Health.