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Modified Human - Extra Parts

This is someone who started life as a Normal Human and was later altered by some means. The change affected his body on a physical level but did not alter his DNA. Genetically, the hero is still very much human and cannot pass on his Powers to his descendants.

This type of body is harder to disguise than the other Modifications because the body now possesses extra pieces of anatomy. These may be duplicates of normal parts (arms are probably the most common example), or parts that are not found on a Normal Human. Such new parts include wings, tails, antennae, fins, or anything else that might create Powers for the hero.
Modified Human - Exta Parts - ArmsModified Human - Exta Parts - Tail(s)Modified Human - Exta Parts - Wings
Fighting: Arms raise this +1CS.Health: Duplicate organs doubles the Health point total.

Powers: All Modified Humans gain 1 less power initially.
Natural Weaponry: Tails give the hero an additional attack when engaged in blunt attacks (1 per tail).True Flight: Wings give the hero Flight.

Contacts: At least 1 Contact should be the organization responsible for the modification.
These Modified Humans roll their Ability Ranks on Column 1 of the Random Ranks Table.