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Malaugrym in human form and in true formPronounced Ma-lo-grim, these creatures are the result of a breeding experiment over 3,000 years ago by the human archmage Malaug. This legendary archmage is said to be the first mortal human to ever successfully establish a home in the Demi-plane of Shadow. Malaug is said to have used Doppelgangers in fathering a race of shape-shifters who can master the power of shadow. Several millenia later, the Malaugrym ("Blood of Malaug") are led by the Shadowmaster High. This Shadowmaster is the most powerful of all the Malaugrym in might and magic. It is through this being that the Maulagrym follow the mandate of their ancestor---conquer the multiverse.

Malaugrym DNA is 90% human. Malaugrym females are born sterile. As a result, males must capture human women to use as breeding stock. These shapeshifters consider humans as breeding and feeding stock. The true form of all Malaugrym is that of a spherical body about 4' in diameter, with 3 long, powerful tentacles tipped by razor sharp hooks, and a beaked mouth in the center of the body. 3 large, round, golden eyes surround the beak. Their hide is rubbery and thick, mottled brown and green in color. They possess an innate levitation ability and hover in the air, tentacles coiling in constant motion. Malaugryms do age, but they do not seem to die of old age. Though they might otherwise be immortal, very old malaugryms are typically eliminated by younger, stronger Malaugrym hungry for their place and status.

Malaygrym primary reside in Castle Shadowhome in the Demi-plane of Shadow. They travel to other dimensions, planets, and universes through shadowgates their elders create.
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Ex(20) Endurance: Rm(30)
Reason: Ty(6) Intuition: Gd(10) Psyche: Ex(20)
Health: 90 Karma: 36 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) in the Demi-plane of Shadow.
Popularity: Varies in human form, -10 in true form.
Age: 3D10+150 years(Malaugrym have an average lifespan equal to that of 10 times that of a Normal Human)
Height: varies. 4' in true form.
Weight: varies. 6D10+10 LBS in true form.
Talents: Occult Lore, otherwise randomly generated.
Contacts: Malaugrym of Shadowhome(Extradimensional, Un Resources).
Resistance to Physical Attacks: Malaugrym can shift vital organs around the forms they shift into making it difficult cause true damage to them. Normal weapons (non-energy) do -2CS damage to them. Magical weapons can bypass this resistance.
Resistance to Toxins & Disease: Malaugrym have In(40) resistance to all toxins and diseases that would normally affect humans.
Regeneration: Ex(20).
Bio-Vampirism: Malaugrym have the Rm(30) ability to extract the blood from human victims during feeding. While feeding on a human victim, Malaugrym regenerate at +1CS.
Shapeshifting: Mn(75). Malaugrym have the following starting power-stunts when shifting:True Flight: Pr(4).
Longevity: Fb(2).
Natural Weaponry: In their true form, Malaugrym have 3 tendrils that end in hooks that can pierce up to Ex(20) strength materials and do Ty(6) edged damage. They also have a beak that does Gd(10) edged damage.
Infravision: Ex(20).
Night-Vision: Ex(20)
Resistance to Magic: Gd(10).
Recovery: Rm(30).
Magic Ability: All Malaugrym begin play with 2 shadow-related spells.
Weakness: Malaugrym are extremely vulnerable to silver weapons. These weapons do +2CS damage to them. Malaugrym cannot regenerate damage caused by silver weapons.

Although Malaugrym are considered "perfect" shapeshifters, they can be spotted by the amber-like color of their eyes.

Note: Victims of Malaugrym "blood meals" are reduced to 0 Health are not transformed into vampires. Their organic structure is emulsified and absorbed into the Malaugrym's body.