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Magical Wielder Energies

This type of magical character derives his powers from spells using personal, universal, or dimensional energy (see the MAGICAL ENERGIES section for the details on these 3 types of energy). Not all magic wielders are alike. Roll on the table below to determine the nature of the energies the character wields.

Magic Wielder Energy Use - Types of Energies the Character Can Tap Into and Utilize
Personal Energy Only: The character can only have spells listed in the Personal Energy List sectiion. These spells can only be utilized by the character using his own, personal energy.

Personal and Universal Energies Only: the character can use spells from both Personal Energies and Universal Energies. The character's spells will only be utilized by tapping into either his personal energy or the energy of the universe around him.

All Energies: the character is able to use all spell energies.
After determining what types of energy are available for the character to tap into, roll on the table below to determine how many spells the magic wielding character has.

Number of Magic Wielder Spells - Number of Spells Character Wields