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Magical Item Generator Tables

Magical Item Categories 1d100
Weapons 1d100
Note: The player should also note on his character sheet the weapon note below that is applicable to him.
Weapons Damage Chart
Sword010 points or as thrownblade longer than 1'
2H Sword*020 pointsblade longer than 3'
Dagger0 or T4 points or as thrownblade shorter than 1'
Battle Axe015 points2-Handed weapon
War Hammer0Strength +2CS2-Handed weapon
Mace0Srength +1CS+1CS to Fighting when attacking
Bow56 points2 hands needed to fire
Spear0 or T10 points or as thrownblade with a handle longer than 1'
Thrown ItemTMaterial Strength or Rank number, whichever is lowerblunt-thrown weapons do not kill they stun instead
*These 2-handed weapons cannot be used effectively by a character unless both hands are on the weapon. However, if the character's Strength is at least Rm(30), he can wield it with 1 hand only.

T---Thrown weapons have a range equal to the number of ranks that the thrower's Strength is above Ty(6)+1.

Gemstone(large as a fist)1d100
Jewelry Table 1 1d100
Jewelry Table 2 1d100
Miscellaneous Table 1d100

*Judge's discretion on capacity and flying speed
Armor 1d100 (1) Covers the wearer's entire body.
(2) Covers the wearer's torso and back only.
(3) Protects against frontal attack only. If a shield is used in combination with a chest plate or any type of full armor, the shield raises the protection of the other armor +1CS. If used alone or with a helmet only, use the shield's armor rank.
(4) Covers the wearer's head only.
Creatures Table 1d100
Pet: indicates a normal-looking animal that is completely obedient to the character. The animal has some magical link to the character, such as, it can magically communicate with the character, the hero can see through the animal's eyes when he wishes, the hero can switch bodies with the pet when he wishes, and so on (Judge's discretion). If the pet is ever destroyed, the player character may be able to find and train a new one (Judge's discretion). The size and type of animal is completely up to the Judge and player.

Mount: indicates a large animal such as a horse, giant bird, large cat, etc., that the hero can ride. The mount usually has at least 1 powerful magical ability or power of its own, such as, flying, phasing through solid objects, body armor, etc. (Judge's discretion). Valkyrie's winged horse, Aragorn, is an example of a magical mount.

Familiar: indicates a being that is very powerful magically and actively assists the hero. 2 powers should be rolled randomly or selected by the Judge from the personal and universal energy lists for this familiar. In addition, the familiar is intelligent(Reason and Psyche at least Ty(6)) and can communicate with its owner (the kind of communication is left to the Judge's discretion). The form of the familiar can either be that of a normal animal (usually a cat) or an unusual type, such as a small dragon or other mythical creature. The familiar's form is at the player's discretion.