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AnimalThis is a catch-all category that includes fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, and the rest of Earth's fauna, in addition to aliens that do not fit into any other category. About the only examples of this in the Marvel Universe is Lockheed, the dragon and Godzilla. Your campaign, on the other hand, might be filled with heroic Animals or really peculiar aliens (I'll fudge a little and include Lockjaw, the Inhumans' "dog" as an example of this).

Animal PCs have 3 main types of backgrounds. 1 is that the animal is a mutant. Another is that the animal was altered in ways that gave his intelligence and Power. The last is the animal is a relatively normal member of a race of animals like him (Lockheed, for example). The player can determine this in the Origins of Power section and embellish it to the best of his ability.

People refuse initially to believe the animal is intelligent. Animals have very few legal rights, but they also have few responsibilities.

Animals risk death or capture from people who are ignorant of the animal's true nature.
Resources: Resources are 0 unless the animal has attached himself to a human. In this case, the Resource rank is assigned to that human.
Powers: Animals gain 1 less Power. Animals automatically have 2 Detection Powers at Gd(10) rank.
Contacts: Animals have to have a human Contact. People tend to see the human Contact as the animal's owner or trainer.
Animals roll their Ability Ranks on Column 1 of the Random Ranks Table. "Animal" Aliens roll their Ability Ranks on Column 5 of the Random Ranks Table.