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Lonely Dimension of Tazza

Ruled By: Tazza, the Sorcerer Supreme

This pocket dimension has only one current inhabitant, its evil ruler, Tazza. Little is known of this dimension, save for a few facts: Tazza uses the Shape Shifting Unlimited spell at a Mn(75) rank; Tazza just wants to be left alone; he and Dormammu have been on friendly terms in the past, in fact, this pocket-dimension could be within the Dark Dimension's empire; the dimension is located "on the outer edge of infinity", implying that it is farther away than possibly any other dimension, except Raggadorr; and Tazza at one time kept a Hall of Heroes, where he displayed all of the paralyzed interlopers he had captured and inanimated. Doctor Strange defeated him in his own dimension, made him release the paralyzed heroes and give his word to never resume that practice.