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Kinetic Control

The hero can control the energy of motion itself. He can increase or decrease kinetic energy's Intensity by his Power rank number. With a Ty Intensity FEAT, he can change the direction of any moving target. He can impart momentum as if he physically pushed the target, with his Power rank taken as Strength. The primary purpose of Kinetic Control is to control Telekinesis and Kinetic Bolts. In the former case, the hero can redirect the target's efforts. A FEAT equal to the target's Power rank taken as Intensity ensures this. In the latter case, the hero can shape Kinetic Bolts into forms that can perform complex tasks. The difficulty of such tasks determines the Intensity of the required FEAT. The hero can have a Bonus Power of either Telekinesis or Kinetic Bolt.

The remaining Power can be an Optional one.

Range: Column B