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The character with this Power does not age or die in a normal fashion. Now, before you all run out and grab this Power for your young hero, note the fine print. The hero can still suffer loss of Endurance ranks as the result of wounds, poisons, and damages, but if the results call for perishing then the character is left at Shift0 Endurance but does not die. The character cannot move or act until Endurance reaches Fb(2), however, so throwing an Immortal character into an active volcano will keep him out of the way for a while. (He cannot heal while taking damage.)

If Endurance reaches Shift0, or the character otherwise dies, the immortal character loses all Karma, including that set aside for advancement. The character may be out of luck, but at least he has his Health. If an immortal character is part of a Karma pool, then an amount of Karma is subtracted as if the character had left the group. This is done each time the immortal character becomes "dead".

This Power does not have a Power rank. It counts as 2 Powers for any hero who takes it, unless the character is alien in origin, in which case the cost is normal (this reflects that a large number of extradimensional aliens are effectively immortal).

An immortal character's body will slowly regenerate lost parts and heal so that short of atomizing the remains and spreading that collection of atoms through a large portion of space, the immortal character will return at some point in the future.

Immortality is applicable to the Earth Dimension only (including all planets of this dimension). An immortal character in another dimension---such as Asgard or Olympus, but excluding variant or divergent earths---does not age, but may be killed normally while in that dimension.

Immortals have an apparent age and an actual age.

Use this table to determine what happens if the hero loses his/her Immortality.