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How Spells Are Cast

When a spell or magical power is used, there are 4 factors to consider:
  1. the rank of the spell or power
  2. whether or not Psyche FEAT rolls are involved
  3. column shifts due to special circumstances affecting the caster or target
  4. the type of energy used.
Spell Rank
As is explained in the Character Generation section, each spell or power has a spell rank assigned to it, rolled randomly when the spells are selected; random spell ranks range from Gd(10) to Am(50). Spell ranks are used in the same way as power ranks for non-magical powers. The spell rank of a spell, enchantment, etc., at the time it is used, dictates, if applicable, the duration of effect, area of effect, and damage potential of the spell. This information is given in the Magical Limits Table.

Note: As the spell ranks of the character's individual spells increase, he becomes increasingly potent. A magic wielder with an Un(100) spell rank in certain spells can affect whole planets. A magic wielder with only a Gd(10) spell rank in the same spell may have difficulty casting it. In some cases a caster must be touching an object to cast a spell on it; if the object is very large, the area of effect is limited to the caster's arm span.

The original spell rank of any spell may be modified due to circumstances; see Target Column Shifts.

A magic wielder can attempt to cast his spells at less than their maximum effect (see Voluntary Reductions in Spell Effects, in the MAGIC USE AND COMBAT section).

Psyche FEAT Rolls
Some spells used to attack or control another being allow the target a Psyche FEAT roll; in these cases, the target is unaffected if the FEAT roll is successful. This is only true for spells which use personal and universal energies. Dimensional energy enchantments do not allow the target to avoid the effect with a Psyche FEAT Roll.