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Gaseous Body

The body is completely composed of gases, vapors, smoke, and mist without any solid (or even liquid)components above the microscopic level. The Gas Body is a coherent cloud that retains its integrity even in the face of Am(50) Intensity winds. Unlike normal clouds, the Gas Body can more at will in any direction and even penetrate liquids and permeable solids. However, it cannot freely move in a vacuum unless it possesses a Travel or Energy Power.

The Gas Body may be composed of a single element or compound or any sort of exotic mixture.

If the gaseous hero possesses a Shapechanging Power, Alter Ego, or Body Transformation-Self, the being can temporarily assume a human-like form.

While gaseous, the being can freely expand or contract. Minimum size is 1 cubic foot. The maximum size can fill a volume equivalent to the average shopping mall.

Inhaling a Gas Body can be a fatal act since the being's gases can prevent required gases from reaching the lungs.

Gas Bodies can enter a symbiotic relationship with a solid being.
Resources: On Earth, Gas Bodies have 0 Resources.
Contacts: On Earth, Gas Bodies have no initial Contacts.
Phasing: Gas Bodies possess a natural form of Phasing that permits them to penetrate solids.
True Flight: Fb(2)
Weakness: Gas Bodies are immobilized if converted to liquid or solid forms but take no damage from this act.

The only way to destroy a Gas Body is to alter its composition through Powers like Matter Conversion and Matter Control.
Gas Bodies roll their Abilities on Column 5 of the Random Ranks Table.