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Body Transformation - Self

The hero can alter the nature of elements and compounds within his own body. Innate safeguards in this Power maintain the hero's lifeforce in any altered state. Altered states may not necessarily be mobile, or may move in new ways. (At FB and PR ranks, the hero is immobile.)

Note: The safeguards that protect the hero might be disrupted or not included if another hero tries to duplicate this Power. In such cases, use of this Power may be instantly fatal! While in an altered state, the hero has a special vulnerability to attacks menacing that form. If the Absorbing Man transformed himself into paper while fighting the Human Torch…

While in a solid altered state, the hero retains his overall normal appearance. If liquid or gaseous, he can assume any shape and still reform into his original appearance at the cessation of the Power.

Normally, the hero must transform his entire body into the desired material. He can transform himself into multiple materials or transform specific parts of himself at a cost of -1CS.

Range: None.