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Gaining Special Attention From Extradimensional Beings

Sorcerers often call upon extradimensional beings, dimensions, and sources of power to tap the energy needed to cast dimensional spells. Such entreaties are so common that extra-dimensional beings seldom investigate the identities and motives of the magic wielders who call upon them. However, the possibility of such investigation always exists if a magic wielder is calling upon a being not associated with his school of magic or if he is abusing the power of an otherwise friendly being. When an extra-dimensional being does take special notice of a sorcerer, it will almost always do so in order to put a presumptuous sorcerer in his place.

Making Attention Checks: Gaining the special attention of extra-dimensional beings is a problem usually faced only by Adept, Master, or Sorcerer Supreme level characters; Novices and Disciples are generally not powerful enough to provoke a hostile reaction from extra-dimensional beings. (See the Mystic's Encyclopedia for an explanation of these levels of mystic mastery.)

When an Adept, Master, or Sorcerer Supreme successfully makes an entreaty to a being that is neutral or hostile to the sorcerer's school of magic, the Judge must secretly make a FEAT roll on the Ty(6) column; the character is not allowed to spend Karma to influence the Judge's roll. If the being is neutral to the magic wielder's school, the being will take notice on a Red FEAT roll. If the being is hostile to the caster's school, the being will take notice on a Yellow or Red FEAT roll. The being will then either attack him, send him on a mission, restrict the further use of that spell, or just keep the character in mind for future reckoning (Judge's discretion based on what the intent of the spell is, who is being called, how often the spell is used, if the character has been noticed before, etc.)

Each time a magic wielder increases his spell rank in a neutral or hostile entreaty spell, the Judge should increase the rank for being noticed by the neutral or hostile being by 1 rank. (As can be seen, the more powerful a magic wielder becomes, the more dangerous it is for him to call upon neutral or hostile extra-dimensional beings.)

Abusing Dimensional Entreaties: If a magic wielder flagrantly abuses dimensional entreaties (by calling upon the same neutral or hostile being more than once per day, or more than 5 times in 1 week) the Judge can rule that the being's reaction is automatically hostile (no FEAT roll needed). The same procedure can be used if a character abuses entreaties to a being usually friendly (such as a "good" sorcerer using entreaties to a good being to achieve evil goals.

Codex of Characters and Creatures: When the Adepts, Masters, and Sorcerers Supreme listed in the Codex make dimensional entreaties to neutral or hostile extra-dimensional beings, the Judge should make Ty(6) FEAT rolls to see if the beings have hostile reactions. If a character increases an entreaty spell rank above that listed in the Codex, the Judge should increase the FEAT roll as usual.