Shooting Weapons

Shooting Weapons is the general term for all forms of handguns, rifles, bows, blasters, and missile or energy firing weapons, and range from handguns to battleship armament.

Price: indicates the Resource rank of the weapons, from Pr to Un. This Resource rank reflects the price of the item if the item is available at all (lasers cannot be picked up at the local pawnshop). Items that are gained through criminal contacts (on the black market) are +1CS in cost (a Concussion Pistol, acquired through the black market, has an Am(50) Resource rank rather than the listed value of In(40).

Range: is the maximum range of the weapon in question. For each area beyond the first, the weapon receives a -1CS to hit. This is different from ranged Powers, in which Range is set as effective number of areas. Example: a Thug with a rifle fires at a target 5 areas away with Ex(20) ability. The thug receives a -4CS to hit as a result of the range. If the thug were striking with a Power (including such specialty items as a repulsor blast), then there would be no penalty to hit from range.

Damage: lists the reduction of Health using standard damage. Stun weapons have special effects for damage, as they project a listed intensity of Stunning force.

Type: indicates the Results column used. Most of these weapons use the Shooting column, but lasers use the Energy column and Concussion weapons use the Force column.

Rate: is the number of shots that may be fired per round. Multiple shots require separate die rolls, but are taken at the same time in the combat phase. Certain weapons fire bursts, which affect up to 3 adjacent targets, with 1 roll made for all targets. Some weapons are noted to scatter, which indicates all targets within 1 area of the target will be hit for that damage. 1 = fire 1 shot/round 2 = fires 2 shots/round 1 per 2 = fires 1 shot every other round

Shot: indicates the number of shots the weapon can fire before it must be reloaded. That takes 1 round, though certain talents, such as the Bow skill, may negate this.

Material: indicates the material strength of the item. Scientific weaponry, such as lasers, tends to be more fragile and more expensive than the low-tech equivalents, and as such is not used by the man on the street.

Note: * = The weapon may stun the target or is dependent on special payloads and/or components.

The common weapons are listed below: