Other Weapons 1


Grenades on the price list refer to those standard types of grenades available. All grenades are usable by military and government organizations but their ownership and use by private citizens (and criminals) is illegal (Other Crime).

Fragmentary Grenades: inflict Rm(30) Edged Attack damage to all in the same area. Ex(20) cost.

Smoke Grenades: release Ex(20) Intensity smoke. All FEATs within the smoke-filled area are made at -2CS. Gd(10) cost.

Tear Gas Grenades: release Ty(6) Intensity Tear Gas. Ex(20) cost.

Knock-Out Grenades: release knock-out gases of various Intensities. Acts as a stun attack. Health is unaffected by knock-out gas. Gd(10) stunning at In(40) cost. Ex(20) at Am(50) cost. Rm(30) at Mn(75) cost.

Flash Grenades: create a flash of ambient light up to Am(50) intensity Those facing the flash are affected. Ex(20) cost.

Concussive Grenades: inflict 40 points of damage as a Blunt Attack, to all in the area. Rm(30) cost.

Sonic Grenades: inflict 20 points of sonic energy damage to all in area; in addition, all must make an Endurance FEAT against Ex(20) Intensity Stunning. In(40) cost.


Missiles are expensive propositions. In addition to a missile launcher, the user must purchase the missile itself, the specific payload to be used, and the control system. This restricts missiles to those who can afford or invent them.

A missile without a control device will fly in a straight line to its target's location at the time of the firing, and hit those in that area on the Shift 0 column (individuals who are not choosy about their targets often do this while loading up on the explosives). Aircraft Bombs (like the type in old B52 movies) and missiles without control devices (the "launcher" is in the plane itself---they are "launched" straight down).

There are 3 readily available types of missiles:
Standard Missile
High-Tech Missile
High-Speed Missile
These 3 types come in a variety of forms, and a character cannot be able to identify an approaching missile's type unless he is familiar with the various makes and models.

Example: Given his background in weapons research, Tony Stark may be able to make a Reason FEAT to determine what a type of missile is, but Johnny Storm cannot.

Missile Control Systems
Wire-Guided: Rm(30) cost. The missile is controlled by wire leading from the tail of the missile (Fb material). The Wire-guided missile has the Agility of the controller to hit. Severing the wires causes the missile to behave as if it has no control. Maximum range of 10 areas, but no penalties for range.

Tele-Guided: In(40) cost. The missile is guided by a camera in the nose of the missile, and the operator may be up to 5 miles away. Use the Control of the missile or the Agility of the controller (whichever is lower) to determine Control FEATs for this type of missile.

Computer-Guided: Am(50) cost. The missile is programmed internally for a specific target. Its ability to determine the target is considered Pr(4) if multiple similar targets are available.

Radio-Linked: In(40) cost. Also called a homing missile. The missile tracks on a specific wavelength, either directed from its point of firing or issuing from the target. Destruction of a tracer or cessation of the signal causes the missile to go out of control.

Heat-Seeking: Rm(30) cost. This form of guidance will "lock on" to the highest flame source in its path (usually a jet-engine or flaming hero). The missile will only be sidetracked by a strong heat source.

Missile/Bomb Payloads

Standard Payload: inflicts 40 points of edged damage to all in the target area. Rm(30) Cost.
Concentrated Explosive: inflicts 40 points of edged damage to target only. Rm(30) cost.
High Explosive: inflicts 70 points edged damage to all in target area, and 20 points to those in adjacent areas. Am(50) cost.
Incendiary: inflicts 40 points energy damage to all in area, and burns for Gd(10) intensity for each round afterward until put out. In(40) cost.
Gas Payload: contains Am(50) Intensity tear or knock-out gas, which will affect all in the area. Am(50) cost.
Smoke Payload: Gd(10) cost. Smoke, whether from fire or missiles, is usually considered to be of Ex(20) intensity to see through. All FEATs performed while in a Smoke-filled area are at -2CS.
Tear Gas: Ex(20) cost. Most tear gas is considered to be Ty(6) intensity. Those failing the Endurance FEAT roll against this gas may take no actions other than movement until they leave the area, nor for 1 round after leaving that area.
Knock-Out Gas: Knock-Out gas is listed in various intensities, as it is a favorite device to knock out bad guys and good guys. Those in the same area as knock-out gas must make an Endurance FEAT or be knocked out for 1-10 rounds.

Note: Knock-Out Gas of Un intensity also does Gd(10) force damage to all in target area.

Knock-Out Gas Table