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(Power)Energy Source Creation

This is another Power the Judge may want to restrict to NPCs or high level heroes. The hero can create items that can in turn provide Powers to other people.

The hero is able to charge a target with raw Power. The target must be nonliving or non-sentient. The target is transformed into a battery that can harmlessly store raw Power indefinitely until needed by the target's new possessor. The hero can store any Power except this one. If the hero is working in conjunction with another super-being, the Powers of this other being can also be stored with the target.

The Macro-Power can store a maximum number of spells/powers equal to this Power's rank number. The maximum number of total rank numbers is equal to this Power's rank number as well.

The hero must be in contact with the target in order to fully charge it. If he does not make contact, the ranks for all spells to be bestowed drop -1CS for each 10' separating hero and target.

The act of creating an Energy Source can be disrupted by a variety of factors. The presence of a Psyche within the target prevents this Macro-Power from affecting it. Removing the target from range stops the process of creation. The Macro-Power can be blocked by such Powers as Force Field vs. Power Manipulation, Resistance to Power Manipulation, Power Control, and Power Domination.

When the hero creates a new Power Source, he must state what conditions are necessary to release the Powers in a controlled manner.

When the Energy Source is depleted or destroyed, the item reverts to its original state.

Range: See Above.