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(Power)Energy Source

The hero draws his Powers from a special source that provides him with all the energy he can handle. As long as the hero can maintain his link with this source, he can continue to use his Powers. The nature of the source and its link varies with each hero. If the source is small enough, the hero may be required to carry it with him. If not, perhaps the hero needs to periodically return to the source or forge an ethereal Power cord that links him to his Source despite any intervening distance. The Judge and player need to work together to produce a playable source and link.

If the link is severed or the source destroyed, the hero is left with a finite supply of energy left. The amount of raw Power left is the number of points equal to his Psyche rank. Each time he uses Power, he decreases the reservoir by that Power's rank number. Obviously, it is within the hero's best interests to renew his link or rebuild his source in as little time as possible.

As you are beginning to suspect, this isn't really a Power and is more of a restraint. You're right. If you roll this Power, go ahead and roll an additional Power.

Range: See Above.