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Dweller's Dimension

(Also called the Dimension of Fear)
Ruled By: The Dweller in the Dark

Little is known of this interdimensional space. It is ruled by the Dweller in the Dark operating out of his Hall of Fear, an ancient citadel. He travels through his domain by flying or using great gray monoliths as fixed Dimensional Apertures. Shade-Thralls attend his desires. From this dimension the Dweller can influence events in the Earth dimension and he desires to invade it someday.

There is some connection between Dweller's Dimension and the Nightmare Dimension, possibly just the fact that Nightmare cannot exist without nightmare's caused by fear, but they do not occupy the same space and Nightmare himself does not like the Great Fear (as the Dweller is sometimes called).

The dimension itself is very dark and foreboding, with some pieces of floating matter. It is considered sanity-threatening. The Dweller, and, presumably, his dimension, are insidious in their effect on mortals. Instead of 1, all-out attack, or even lightning raids on a character or his senses, they slowly destroy the character's confidence by gnawing away with doubts and fears. For a magic wielder this can be dangerous, as a loss of confidence can cause a loss of power.