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Demihuman - Avian

Avians come in 2 basic types, angelics and harpies.
Angelic AvianHarpy Avian
The angelic avians resemble humans with wings sprouting from the shoulder blades. Angel of the X-Men is this type.Harpies possess arms that are modified to also serve as wings and feather-covered legs that end in bird claws.

Note: Angelic avians reproduce by Normal Human means. Harpies lay eggs.

Fighting: Harpies get +1CS to this Ability.
Popularity: Angelics get +1CS to their Popularity.
True Flight: Angelics and Harpies both possess this power.
Natural Weaponry: Harpies have claws for feet which do Pr(4) edged damaged.
Angelic Avians roll their Ability Ranks on Column 3 of the Random Ranks Table. Harpies roll their Ability Ranks on Column 2 of the Random Ranks Table.