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Cyborg - Mechanical Body

Cyborg - Mechanical BodyThe only part of the hero's original body that remains is his brain and the nervous system. This is housed in a special lifesupport module that fills most of the brain's needs (oxygen, blood, nutrients). The life-support module is mated with a mechanical form that serves the brain as its new body. The nervous system is directly linked with the machine's control circuits, allowing both control and sensory feedback.

Mech bodied characters are often mistaken for Pure Robots. In fact, an internal examination is needed to clearly distinguish the 2 types. Of course, Pure Robots don't feel the urge to cry.

Note: When creating the hero, the player must decide what his Mech Body looks like.

For most campaigns, the Mech Body is basically human-shaped. It may even have a pseudo-flesh covering to disguise the body's true nature. Such coverings tend not to survive battles, though, so the hero must have a spare supply. Replacing a full body cover has an Ex(20) cost; a head-and-hands only set is a bargain of Gd(10) cost.

Mech Bodies can come in other shapes. These can be anything the hero might find useful in his environment: spider-bots, baby tanks, starships, etc. Since specialized Mech Bodies are less adaptable, such characters tend to be NPCs. Mech Bodies are not limited to a single body, though. A lab with Rm(30) facilities can adapt the life-support module for easy transferral to other bodies. Thus, your hero can have as many bodies as his Resources can provide.

If the Mech Body has different forms, the player must generate the Physical Abilities and Powers of additional bodies as if they were separate characters.
Intuition: -1CS. Psyche: -1CS.
Resistance to Toxins and Disease: Mech Bodies have Mn(75) Resistance to Disease and Poisons of all sorts. This is because the brain is doubly protected from the outside world.
Body Armor: Mech Bodies have Body Armor equal to the material strength of their mechanical body.
Weakness: Mech bodies are even more morose than Mech Limb cyborgs; at least the latter retain some of their bodies. Their depression causes them to have a lower initial Intuition and Psyche.

Mech bodies are prone to things that never harm a flesh-bound character, like Magnetic attacks and rust.
Contacts: Mech Bodies initially have only 1 Contact---the lab where they were created.
These Cyborgs roll their Ability Ranks on Column 4 of the Random Ranks Table. Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance Rank Numbers would be considered artifical on the Table. Use the values in ( ).