CurstCurst are undead humans, trapped by an evil curse that will not let them die. They are created by a rare process and have the following stats:

Reason: max. of Gd(8). Curst lose their intelligence in the creation process.
Popularity: 0 if the Curst' Undead state is kept secret; -5 if secret is revealed.
Resistance to Scent-based attacks: Am(50). Curst lose their sense of smell upon creation.
Thermal Vision: In(40).
Resistance to Magic: Mn(85). Healing magic can bypass their resistance, but will not harm them.
Resistance to Mental Attacks: CL1000
Resistance to Fire & Heat: CL1000
Resistance to Cold: CL1000
Resistance to Vampirism: CL1000
Resistance to Aging: CL1000
Natural Weaponry: Curst can use their elongated nails as claws to do Pr(4) edged damage and can cut up through up to Pr(4) strength materials.
Self-Revival: Mn(75). If Health reaches 0, Curst are not slain. They fall to the ground, paralyzed, and lie there until whole again. Curst regenerate 1 Health point per day, and are able to regrow lost limbs & organs; if decapitated, the Curst's body will turn to dust, and the new body regenerates from the head(this process takes 2Xs as many days as the Curst has Health points), which remains paralyzed until the body is reformed.
Weakness: Religious symbols will not affect a Curst. Exorcism spells will automatically turn a Curst to dust.

Once destroyed, Curst cannot be ressurected (treat as CL1000 resistance to any attempts to do so), or animated.

In the process of becoming Curst, humans lose their sense of smell, any magical and/or mental abilities, and often their sanity (but not their cunning or Physical stats and Talents). Only 11% of Curst retain their original Reason stat.

In addition, there is a 5% chance per turn that a Curst will act irrationally for 1-6 turns (treat as if affected by a Confusion spell). Nothing except the use of an Exorcism power/spell will stop this behavior.

Curst are obsessed with finding a way to remove the curse placed on them. They will help anyone who offers to remove the curse (the Curst becomes an automatic Contact for as long as they believe the person can help them in turn). The only exception to this is that Curst often seek out the being who cursed them and try to trick the being into removing the curse.
The process of creation for a Curst are the use of the following spells in the order listed below:

Note: 2% of all Curst are humanoid.

Although sunlight does not harm Curst in anyway, they prefer the cover of night and dress in dark clothing.