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Cosmic Awareness

The hero is in tune with the entire scope of reality. He possesses a detached, omniscient viewpoint that allows him to explore the entire existence of a chosen subject.

Unfortunately, this causes such a massive overload of superfluous information that the hero is hard pressed to sort it all out. The FEAT represents the hero's ability to recover a specific bit of information from all the effluvia. The more exact the required detail, the higher the difficulty. Discovering basic facts or locating any one on the Earth requires a green FEAT. Complex information or finding anyone within a star system requires a yellow FEAT. Secrets, weaknesses, arcane knowledge, and anything else the Judge wants to make difficult to find out requires a red FEAT.

The Power can be used to automatically track any Class 1000 or higher Power within 10 miles of the hero's position. In combat the Power raises the hero's own attacks +1CS by detecting the weak points in the opponent.

The major drawback to this Power is that can lead to insanity, especially catatonic withdrawal, as the hero's Psyche is continually inundated by a flood of information. The Judge can determine the chance of temporary insanity by secretly making a Reason FEAT for the hero; a green, yellow, or red FEAT means the hero has retained all his marbles for another day. The Judge should make this check any time the hero uses the Power more than 5 times a day or a number equal to 10% of the Power rank number, whichever is higher. Because of this, caution is urged in the use of this Power. If the Power is somehow negated, the hero may also go into a state of shock or severe depression. Any mental problems the hero suffers can be cured by normal psychotherapy.

The Optional Power is Hyper-Intelligence.

The Nemesis is Emotion Control.

Range: See Above.