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Mercy Shot: Mercy bullets inflict no damage, but spread a Rm(30) Intensity knock-out drug over the skin of the target. If the bullet inflicts damage to the target, the drug takes effect, knocking those affected out for 1-10 rounds.

AP Shot: Armor-Piercing bullets reduce the target's Body Armor by -2CS (from Gd to Pr, for example) for purposes of hitting and damage. This type of ammunition has no effect on force fields (including the force field stiffened armor of Iron Man).

Rubber Shot: a type of ammunition that inflicts slugfest damage as opposed to shooting damage. Ignore Slam results in using rubber bullets.

Explosive Shot: inflicts 2X's normal (listed) damage for the weapon. If the weapon fires bursts or affects everything in the target area, all in the area are affected when using explosive shot.

Canister Shot: a special type of ammunition, similar to the shotgun shell in that it may be loaded with a number of cartridges for various effects, all for the same cost. The player should specify the type of canister desired when purchasing.
Ammunition Table
StandardAll HandgunsFb50
StandardAll RiflesFb50
StandardAssault RifleFb30
StandardAutomatic RifleFb20
StandardSub-Machine GunFb7
StandardMachine GunPr20
StandardLight ArtilleryPr1
StandardHeavy ArtilleryTy1
StandardSuper-Heavy ArtilleryGd1
Power PackPistolTy1 Pack
Power PackRifleGd1 Pack
Power PackCannonEx1 Pack
Mercy ShotHandgunFb10
Mercy ShotRifleFb10
Mercy ShotAssault RifleFb5
Mercy ShotAutmatic RifleTy20
AP ShotHandgunFb10
AP ShotSniper RifleFb10
AP ShotL.A.W., BazookaFb1
Rubber ShotHandgunFb40
Rubber ShotRifleFb40
Explosive ShotHandgunTy10
Explosive ShotRifleTy10
Explosive ShotBazookaGd1
Explosive ShotGyro-JetPr1
Cannister ShotL.A.W., Bazooka, Riot GunGd1
Cannister ShotLight ArtilleryGd1
Cannister ShotHeavy ArtilleryEx1
Cannister ShotSuper-Heavy ArtilleryRm1
Explosive Heat-SeekerGyro-JetGd1
(H-S)Heat-Seeker Ammunition: seeks out the hottest source in line to the target. It will track the hottest source up to maximum of the weapon's range, and suffers no penalty for range. If several targets are of the same heat, then it will determine a target randomly. This ammunition type is only available for Gyro-Jet Pistols.