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The Rolling Storm


to another addition of the Storm Riders of Rhy'Din Newsletter:
The Rolling Storm Tribune

Hello My Riders:

I hope the day finds each of you well? As you can see there has not been a roster for two weeks and a newsletter for a week. I do not think I need to explain why, since I have been stressing it for two months or more, but those of who are still in the dark..INACTIVITY. I had hoped this would change but it seems not, just more of you went on leave, this does not solve the problem. So I have come up with possible solutions.

Our goal needs to change. We cannot help Rhy'Din if we ourselves cannot pull together. We have been around for two solid years and this past year I have watched us deteriorate through no fault of my own. I have said many times before I could not do all things by myself, I need you all to help me run this thing! The web portals have taken longer than expected to finish/clean up. The kingdom and Empire portals are being worked on at the same time which makes it slower and my work load increase. I see no point in doing the newsletter, if it's the same news each week. The same goes for the Roster..the only thing that has changed in the past two weeks is me removing folks! This stops today! (though removing people will still continue..I just mean start doing more!)

Thank you, those of you that have opened up shops or kingdom areas (StRoR Recruit Hall and the StRoR Arms N Armor) I appreciate your efforts immensely. I have been saying things will change around here, well they have been..slower than I would like, but changing nonetheless. I will keep removing people as I see fit and change recruiting tactics and make it more difficult to join. (this will probably change without your votes..but I would still like suggestions on this nonetheless) I will be reviewing the application and improving it. Our Kingdom will probably remain small, but that's OK because I plan to stick to the motto "WE LOOK FOR QUALITY NOT QUANTITY" If we only have five members by the time I am done with the changes, so be it. I know what I want and I am going after it.

Your opinion counts, but lately I can tell hardly any of you care, so why should I? Told you to resign or be removed, pick up the pace or in some rare cases that I'm proud of you keep up the good work. If you do not give me your view then I have to go by my view alone. So saying, as always I am giving you all choices. Please take in consideration what I have already tried and so on. These changes will be quite big and may take some of you to get used to. Do express your feelings of concern, agreement or whatever comes to mind. You know I take every response in consideration before I do anything.

Changes will be made by vote. If I only get one vote for yes and no other responses then these changes will take place. If you do not like it, QUIT. I will let you know over the week or two what changes will be definite and so on.

1. We change our purpose and concentrate on pulling ourselves together, then maybe we can get back on track of our original goal.
2. We leave Rhy'Din and change the name to SRoZ (Storm Riders of Zartenoth) Zartenoth is right on the Rhy'Din border and members will still be able to act with other Rhydinians at any given time.
3. Power levels (dice) will NOT change but new rules may be added to separate us from Rhy'Din in a way, ((this is a work in progress so don't panic just yet :-) ))
4. Application be revised with a new look and tougher standards (meaning it will be harder to join..not more work for members who are already in)
5. We will still help others in need (meaning we need to concentrate on getting the school done)

This is only a small portion of what needs worked on. I did not want to overwhelm you all with more than that just yet. As I said these will be gradual, so think about this before you get scared because something different is being promoted. This might help us get better, maybe even stronger. In any case it will certainly weed out those that don't care or think they can get around any rule they feel like. Not any more..they will find that out soon enough. Those of you that I know care please think these things over carefully. I will not change anything until I get replies, I promise. Take care everyone.


Aiyana Moonshyne
Queen-Regent of the Storm Riders of Rhy'Din (StRoR)
Empress of Zartenoth (ZLotCS)

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